M. touching me without asking for permission 

CTRL+O [2018]

What happens when young men who are not used to being photographed are at the mercy of the camera? How does the photographer have to act in order that they open up? Does the control over the events stay exclusively in her hands? Which dynamics develop?

The focus is on subject-object-relationships: confrontation and trust, the desire for power and the inevitable loss of control.

photography is (painful)

a deal: 

you give a piece of yourself

before asking for a glimpse

of what’s lying beneath someone else’s

naked skin


how much of yourself

can you give away

before there’s nothing left

to share? 

or do you always

get something in return

so you never run the risk

of ending up empty? 

and if this is the case:

how long do we keep being ourselves

when we keep trading in bits of us

for pieces of others?

now that i see you

i can’t see myself anymore

final exhibition in uni, 2018

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